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Need help with Campus Pack? There are two ways to access it:

  • Within the software, select “Help” on any screen
  • On the Internet, access our Help Center

Downloads & Documentation

Resource Description

Quick Start Guides

The Quick Start Guides provide the focused information users and administrators need to begin immediately to understand and use Campus Pack. Topics include how to work with the Text Editor, as well as details for adding, managing, contributing to, viewing, and monitoring wikis and blogs.

User Guides

User Guides provide the detailed help documentation that end-users (e.g., students and instructors) need to have in-depth knowledge of how to use Campus Pack to its fullest potential

Administrator Guides

These guides contain information and instructions appropriate for Campus Pack Administrators and other individuals who have administrative rights

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Downloads for Campus Pack LMS connectors or Campus Pack application WAR files.

What's New?

Release Notes for all Campus Pack updates

Known Issues
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These sites list the know issues with Campus Pack and describe any available workarounds