Social and collaborative assignments and activities in your courses

Social Assignments


Implement a secure, integrated social media solution, including wikis, blogs, journals, podcasts, and templates which allow instructors and students to deploy social media/Web 2.0 assignments and activities within courses.


The Learning Objects Social Assignments will empower instructors, academic technologists, and instructional designers to easily build and implement social media assignments and activities from a library of re-usable tools including wikis, blogs, journals, podcasts, and templates.



  • Improve learning outcomes through increased engagement and satisfaction
  • Increase learning outcomes through formative assessment and feedback loops
  • Enhance workplace skills by using social media as a part of their academic lives
  • Develop collaboration and peer review abilities


  • Easily incorporate social media/Web 2.0 tools into the classroom
  • Save time by selecting assignments and activities from a library of re-usable social media tools
  • Build social media assignment and activity types using wiki, blog, journal, podcast, and templates
  • Improve assessment functionality and transparency through participatory metrics
  • Implement evidence- and problem-based learning
  • Foster peer review

Director of eLearning, CTO/CIO:

  • Increase ROI through improved learning outcomes and increased student engagement and satisfaction
  • Increase student retention and decrease course drop rates
  • Provide secure, integrated social media/Web 2.0 tools throughout your institution
  • Give instructors and students the pedagogical tools needed to create a successful and safe learning environment
  • Facilitate learning across departments and cohorts
  • Escape LMS/VLE vendor lock-in

System Administrator:

  • Reduce administration and training by providing a seamless integration of social media tools into any LMS
  • Receive full-service support and training
  • Remove the need for infrastructure development or maintenance
  • Deploy a secure, reliable, and scalable Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Meet institutional service level requirements (SLA)