Personal Development Plans - Help your students and employees plan, develop, and achieve


Provide secure, integrated Personal Development Plans (PDP) to departments or across the institution inclusive of custom roles, template development, and feedback loops.


Learning Objects Personal Development Plan (PDP) facilitates the structure necessary for students to reflect upon individual learning, performance and achievement, and map personal, educational, and career development. Institutions can easily design templated profiles to meet the needs of different users and skill set groups, and reflection can be published using social media content including wikis, blogs, journals, podcasts, and templates.



  • Create, store, and present social media artifacts to advisors, mentors, and prospective employers
  • Maintain or export academic work for use after graduation
  • Connect to educational communities and social learning networks both within the institution and beyond
  • Articulate the skills and knowledge gained to prospective employers through presentation portfolios using pre-defined program requirements

Advisor and Mentor:

  • Provide guidance and support through communication and monitoring as skills are developed
  • Present a framework for discussion and feedback using social media/Web 2.0 tools about individual progress
  • Demonstrate the quality of support and guidance through transparent communication and record keeping
  • Make effective use of off-campus opportunities for learning (work placement or study abroad) using social media to connect learning and educators around the world

Director of eLearning, CTO/CIO:

  • Implement a secure professional development planning (PDP) solution for departments or across your institution
  • Help students build personal, professional, and career development in academics and extracurricular activities using a central hub to create, store, organize, and share information
  • Allow Advisors and Mentors to implement a framework for discussion and feedback about individual progress using social media technologies
  • Increase student retention and learning outcomes

Department Head and Dean:

  • Support student retention initiatives through student engagement, transparency, and feedback
  • Implement cross-discipline communication and sharing
  • Facilitate more effective monitoring of learner progress through transparency and communication
  • Customize the PDP solution for disciplines, departments, and students

System Administrator:

  • Implement a seamlessly integrated PDP for departments or the institution
  • Remove the need for infrastructure development or maintenance
  • Receive full-service support and training
  • Deploy a secure, reliable, and scalable Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Meet institutional service level requirements (SLA)