ePortfolios - Social media and collaboration meets portfolio building


Provide students a secure, integrated ePortfolio to create, organize, and present academic and co-curricular activities with instructors, peers, advisors, or anyone in the world; the need for instructors and advisors to to share feedback and assess student progress and achievements based on discipline specific requirements.


The Learning Objects ePortfolio Application provides individuals a space and network to create, organize, and publish academic and co-curricular achievements using social media content; instructors have the ability to provide feedback and students are able to maintain their work after their time at the institution.



  • Design an ePortfolio, and build and maintain a collection of academic work and co-curricular activities using social media
  • Present achievements, projects, work samples, and resumes to peers, advisors, and prospective employers
  • Publish and push content to popular sites including Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Build a social network with peers and advisors throughout the institution
  • Keep an online portfolio after their time at the institution


  • Review students' achievements, projects, work samples, and resumes within the institution and beyond (wikis, blogs, journals, podcasts, templates, digital files)
  • Maintain a framework for discussion, feedback, and assessment on student progress and create an environment for individuals to manage their own learning
  • Build a social network for students or with peers and advisors throughout the institution
  • Collaborate on research and work with peers at partner institutions

Director of eLearning:

  • Support student retention initiatives through engagement, transparency, feedback, and assessment
  • Provide students a space for private or shared reflection, and empower them to manage their own learning
  • Support life-long learning practices
  • Build a network for peers and advisors throughout departments, the institution, and beyond
  • Customize and template ePortfolio solutions to meet discipline specific goals and learning requirements

System Administrator:

  • Roll-out an integrated portfolio solution to specific departments or across the institution
  • Deploy a secure, reliable, and scalable Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Provide easy-to-use tools designed for education
  • Eliminate time spent on infrastructure and maintenance
  • Receive full service support and training